Navagio Beach

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Navagio Beach


Navagio Beach is located on the southwestern coast of the island of Amorgos, near the Kalotaritissa beach.
The wreck "Olympia", with the flag of Cyprus and built in 1950, has been here for more than 6 decades! The residents of Kolofana still remember the stormy wind that was blowing that day and the boat that was desperately looking for a sheltered bay. A failed attempt to drop the anchor out of the small bay meant the clash with the rocks ...

The Navagio beach became famous some time later thanks to the director Luc Besson who, being struck by the wreck, inserted the place into a film called "Le Grand Bleu"!

Unfortunately, to this day man's incivility has contaminated this place by throwing rubbish on some areas of the small beach. But it still does not lose its mysterious charm!

The waves and the landscape create a strange sense of restlessness and mystery even today ..
If you are passionate about places that hide incredible stories, we recommend a visit to this place!


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